A Message from our founder, Thomas Dent…

Welcome to Nobletree! We are a new company with an even newer concept of building homes into small communities. And we are very excited about sharing it with you.

I am a Lifestyle Community Builder and the founder and Executive Director of Nobletree Investment and Development, Inc. I specialize in building and developing cohesive communities within beautifully landscaped environments.

With Nobletree, I've combined my business expertise, my gift for landscape and interior space design, and my role as a Real Estate Broker. I am passionate about building communities of like minded people that create a sense of family. I believe that through being part of a community that we find comfort, safety and strength. We have lost that sense of belonging, of being part of something larger, in the places where we live and I believe it is important that we get that back.

It is my intention that Nobletree put the needs of each community at the heart of the building and development plan and giving homeowners access to amenities that suit their lifestyle.

Even as a young man and then through my college years at Purdue I planned, designed, and built small projects. From building a working shed that followed the lines of my home and fit into the neighborhood to designing a rock garden that included consideration of sight lines, drainage, light and even prevailing winds... for me it has always been about combining all the aspects of a project into a pleasing and peaceful whole.

Through many years of entrepreneurship...from building and running financial services companies... to my years as a Registered Investment Advisor... through realizing the dream of this company it has always been about building something lasting. I have always delighted in laying out living and work areas for comfort and to optimize the flow of people and their work through the space they occupy. I once built a 16,000 square office building to facilitate four different family owned businesses. Combining, light, comfort, fresh air, workflow and efficiency... all on a beautifully landscaped five acre campus next to a lake...complete with walking path to encourage good health in the staff!

I have a special affinity for trees and what they add to our lives. My most recent home I built on a 30 acre parcel in rural Harbor Country. The land had been completely cleared so was an empty canvas. I located the house on a hill overlooking a pond we created including a waterfall. The house has numerous large windows to take in the views in all directions. We planted hundreds of trees to enhance the views but I found that many of the native trees I so wanted to include were not available commercially. So I planted thousands of these noble species on an adjacent parcel. As you may have guessed that is where the name of our company comes from.....Nobletree.

So please enjoy the site and be sure to sign up for our email list and give us feedback on what features and amenities you would like to see in your Nobletree home.

Best Regards,

Thomas Dent


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