Nobletree is a Lifestyle Community Builder. By that we mean we are focusing on creating cohesive communities that are tailored to the various lifestyle choices of the people that will live in them. While each community will be different they will all have the following basic ideas and values in common. We are passionate about building homes in small communities for like minded people who want to have a sense of family. These enclaves will be close knit along the lines of the old sense of neighborhood where people looked out for one another and planned to live there for many years. We seem to have lost this important value along the way. We believe that through being part of these communities people will find comfort, safety and strength. These communities will utilize the scarce resources of land, materials and energy efficiently. Homes will be situated close enough that people know they are not alone but landscaped in such a way that privacy is maintained and natural beauty prevails. Wherever possible we will use environmentally friendly building materials and systems that maintain comfort while minimizing the use of increasingly expensive energy.


One of our first projects will be for the ‘boomers’ who are now moving into a new phase of their lives. Their need for large homes on big lots with lots of hassles and maintenance is coming to an end. We see this project located in the Harbor Country area which will be close to the city and/or family that can be easily reached by car or train yet built in an area with lake and rural relaxation and filled with resort activities. These homes may be first or second homes but one thing is for sure. Boomers are active and many will be working at least part time well into their ‘retirement’ years. They will need home office space, state of the art technology, gourmet kitchens and ‘flex’ spaces that can be used for a variety of activities. This community, and those that will follow, will include walking trails and shared open spaces as well as services such as lawn care, snow removal and covered parking. We anticipate that boomers who buy our homes will ultimately be seeking meaningful retirement in which they will continue to seek self improvement, learning and a desire to contribute to society. They will be culturally creative...that is be interested in knowing themselves and expanding their universe, be successful but not be tied up in the trappings of success and seeks authenticity in themselves and their neighbors. They will find it at Nobletree.


Other lifestyle communities may include an Artists’ Community. People in the creative arts have a natural tendency to come together. We would create homes that would have interior spaces appropriate for creative endeavors like painting, writing or a small in-home studio. The community would be a sanctuary for artists who need a balance of peace and tranquility to do their work along with a creative vibe that energizes them. We would intend to include a community space for showcasing work, holding rehearsals and other small group meetings or even hold small performances.

Learners! Lifetime and otherwise...

We believe there is an untapped need for people to live near institutions of higher learning where they can regularly participate in learning programs of all kinds. This may be as simple as providing quality student housing to those who shun dorms, apartments and fraternal organizations to a place where lifetime learners, who work part time or who no longer work, to live among others who are dedicated to pursuits of the mind. We have a rich mix colleges and universities in the area that serve a population with an ongoing thirst for knowledge. Homes would be built with the input and cooperation of the local institution and include internet connections with the schools system, common study areas and other educational amenities.

And More!

We need your input. We live in a rich culturally diversified area which unfortunately contains mostly traditional homes that fit the old paradigm. Contact us and let us know about the things you are looking for in your next home. We will add you to our email list and involve you in our market research and planning with reports on our progress from time to time. Your information will be held strictly confidential and not shared outside the Nobletree family. Click here to sign up.


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